About PortaTank Systems

In 1974, while building a waste transport and disposal company, the founders of Portatank Systems realized that there was a need for temporary mobile liquid storage. They found so many diverse uses for the temporary storage tanks, such as leachate storage, sewer by pass, temporary mini transfer stations, spill cleanup and site remediation, that they expanded their shop to fill their need for liquid mobile storage tanks.
In 1994, a contract to supply sanitary facilities for 300,000 people at the Woodstock Festival required the on-site storage of 400,000 gallons. The need was for 20,000 and 30,000 gallon vacuum tanks, to both pump and store the waste.
The first units assembled in-house were round tanks mounted on low bed trailers. While the first 35 of these units proved adequate for the company’s in-house needs they were not suitable for the tank rental industry.
The waste transport and disposal business was sold to a national company and Portatank Systems was formed with all new modern frac tanks and other professionally manufactured equip.
Today, Portatank can supply and deliver an assortment of different storage equipment for the industry as well as create solutions to problems and changing needs.